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Potions Salon
10355 SW Canyon Rd
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Skin Deep

Here’s some useful skin care advice from Iman:

Link to IMAN’s article.

Fashion, if anything, will age you if you always reach for the safe white/beige sophistication. My motto is – be daring and dare to experiment …. you have earned it.

There is no denying it… Great makeup looks even better on great skin. Hardly anyone has one skin type but here I made it easier for you to diagnose your skin type so you can choose the perfect products to create a flawless canvas.

Oily Skin
Are you prone to pimples, blackheads and white heads, large pores or your face looks shiny when you wake up?

Dry Skin
Does your face feel tight or itchy after cleansing? Look dull? Or have rough, flaky or red patches? Are you sensitive to the sun, wind and cold?

Combination Skin
Are your cheeks dry but your T-zone oily or acne prone? Or oily around parameters of your face but dry everyplace else?

Sensitive Skin
Does your skin irritate easily? Often red and blotchy? Have broken capillaries beneath the surface? Sunburn easily?

Hyper Pigmented Skin
Do you have dark spots from pimples or rashes that won’t go away? Have dark moles or freckle easily in the sun?

Normal Skin
Does your skin look supple with or without moisturizer? Skin tone even without darker or lighter areas? Have few or no breakouts?

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